Apply for Aid

, available Oct. 1. Priority deadline is March 1 (April 1 for current students).
  •  School Code: 001372
  • Register for (if Colorado resident)
  • Accept or decline aid starting March 15.
  • Submit common scholarship applications by April 1.
  • Routinely check email and MyWestern for Financial Aid notifications.
  • Tips for Using Mobile App

    You can now complete the FAFSA from your mobile device with the myStudentAid app. While the FAFSA app is convenient, it's still recommended to complete the FAFSA on a desktop or laptop as it is easier to complete and more secure. Here are some tips in using the mobile app:

    • Download the myStudentAid app for  or 
    • Use a secure Wi-Fi connection.
    • Your info will save after you complete each section.
    • Sign the FAFSA with your FSA ID (a hand drawn signature in the mobile app is not valid).
    • Only one person can make changes to your FAFSA at a time. Be sure to sign out of the myStudentAid app if your guardian needs to sign in to add their info.
    • FAFSA Renewals are not available on the app.
    • You may be asked to complete the FAFSA online.